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automatic water meter reading

November 2019 -January 2020

Our daily activities are incomplete without water. Though we are aware that there is a scarcity of water, we tend to waste a lot of water daily. Most of the time, this wastage is not intentional. It usually happens due to the lack of awareness in the quantity that is being used periodically. Awareness of the amount of water used daily and understanding how much is sufficient for daily needs is important and first step to conserve water


The Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) capabilities, powered by IoT smart water
meters, enable water distributors to effectively manage utility water usage. The
IoT enabled automatic meter reading solution consists of IoT smart water meters
that send daily reading to a network of receivers, forming a two-way data sharing
between meters and CRM/billing systems and eliminating the need for a personal
meter reading. It manages the flow between multiple distribution lines.
IoT Water Metering Solution is an end-to-end IoT solution consisting of hardware,
software, and connectivity.


  • Effective water usage monitoring

  • IoT Smart Water Metering

  • Seasonal Pricing of Water Usage using GIS Technology


  • Detailed water usage report for the user

  • Seasonal Pricing helps in conserving water.

  • Broad Network of IoT Smart Meters for analyzing water usage by the Water Board.

Meet The Team

Electronics and Communications Engineer 

Project Members

Yeshas Bharadwaj

Aerospace Engineer

Sachin S

Electronics and Communications Engineer 

Project Ideator 

Director of The Vimana

Kushal S L

Project Manager

Dheeraj Kumar

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