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the first Healthcare initiative at the vimana 

The Average Citizens of India that are dependent on the Indian Healthcare Industry face a paucity of affordable, early-prevention diagnostic tools, are burdened by poorly maintained personal medical records, and experience an overall lack of transparency and support in the system. We, at The Vimana are aiming to create a big change in these aspects, through our Mobile Application!

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We, at SYSTR,  aim to provide a one-stop-shop mobile application, from a urine-scan tool for early disease prediction, right from the comfort of home, to a customized medical file organizer. We also aim to disseminate relevant and accurate information required by the customers/patients, everything from the necessary tests to take to contacting medical experts/doctors.

What do we Aim to do at this Project?

  • Easy-to-use urine diagnostic tool from the comfort of home and obtain accurate results just a tap away on the smartphone. 

  • Medical Records and History organizer for convenient doctor consultations. 

  • Obtain disease predictions at a faster pace, and more accurately.

  • Increase the range of disease and disease-risk prediction.

Why is this project beneficial?

  • Easy and comfortable to use

  • Economical Alternative to regular Diagnostic tests.

  • Reliable and time-saving device 

  • At-home short term/long term self-diagnosis

  • Digital health record management

Meet The Team

Project Members

Meghna Nalamothula

Annapurna C M


Bio Medical Engineer

Bio-Technology Engineer

MBBS student

Adithya Vardhan

Computer Science  Engineer

Kushal S L

Project Ideator 

  Director of The Vimana 

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