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Music gen

Music is the language of Mankind. There are many beautiful compositions by great artists! But ever wanted to create your own song, but realised you are not very talented in it? We are here to help! You need not be a great music director! You just have to enter your favourite songs and Music Gen will automatically help you create your own song!

Music Apps

Music Gen attempts to teach computers to generate its own music. The aim is to harness the power of neural networks to figure out various nuances of human composed music and generate music inspired from it. The generated music files would be uploaded to various audio streaming platforms like Spotify and an Alexa skill would be designed to play songs from these playlists.


  • Train neural networks to remember various features of instrumental music

  • Generate original songs using the trained neural networks

  • Make an automated system where such music is generated and uploaded to a music streaming platform automatically

  • Build an Alexa skill that can play these songs on demand, hands free.


Meet The Team

Shashank R

Computer Science Engineer

Shreyas B

Computer Science Engineer

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