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gesture-controlled drone

August 2019 -March 2020

The advent of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) has introduced many opportunities across many domains, such as, search and rescue, security and surveillance, agriculture, and many more. However, navigating a drone is a complex task. But, have you ever dreamt that you could control a drone just by your hand gestures? 


Our project is an intelligent drone solution that combines hand gestures as well as head movements to give maximum control at minimum effort. We strive to make the drone flying experience available for everyone. 

The conventional remote controller is being replaced with our own gesture controller which ease the way we control the drone. The visual experience is better than ever with our head movements integrated with camera movements on the drone, giving the users an experience of virtually being present on the drone. 


  • Efficient Gesture Control

  • Easy integration with any drone

  • Head movement integration

  • Better Visual Experience

  • Cost Effective


Intuitive control enables amateurs to fly easily
Flying-like experience through headset with integrated

with head movement tracking

Meet The Team

Project Members

Aditya Vardhan

Computer Science Engineer


Computer Science Engineer

Arjun Gopkumar

Electronics and Communications Engineer 

Sahana G

Electronics and Communications Engineer 

Harshith N 

Electrical and Electronics Engineer 

Lalit Aditya

Electronics and Communications Engineer 

Kushal S L

Project Ideator 

Director of The Vimana 

Dheeraj kumar

Project Manager 

Electronics and Communications Engineer 

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