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Here's what I'm all about!

I'm a proactive engineering student, in the Biomedical field. Because I love medical-sciences and I indulge in new opportunities, learning, and exploring everything I can but never giving up!

I am 

Technical Lead - SYSTR

and I've been here with The Vimana since

August 2020

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I work alongside

SYSTR Project

And Specialize in 

Biomedical Engineering and Healthcare Analytics


I'm currently studying

Biomedical Engineering




And passionately spending time on learning

Medical Devices and Healthcare

A little bit more about who I am . . .

I've dedicated plenty of time working on

Healthcare Management System, Business Models in Healthcare Industry, Health Indicators in Public health practice.


But I also am very confident with my 

Time Management, Communication, Presentation, Team leadership, Public Speaking, Profile Building, Personality Development.


My Friends usually say I am very 







But I guess I'm also kinda


as well.


The Proudest I have ever been was when I 

Won the poster presentation with my buddies in GSSS college in Oct 2019, as both winners and runners in two teams!

I'm a  


so I really admire


in those closest to me!

If I'm not working hard on my goals, you could find me 

Singing and binge watching in a corner of my room

Being at The Vimana, the most valuable lesson I've learnt so far is


Being a true engineer by innovating solutions rather than mugging up theories for marks

A little about my goals in the future!

Before 2022 I want to 

See me as a graduated, successful, and true Biomedical Engineer. And make SYSTR a success in the healthcare industry.

A Year after graduation I want to

Reach SYSTR and other upcoming projects from Vimana into greater heights working on different innovative healthcare projects and get set to do higher studies.

Five years down the lane I want to

Finish higher studies, working towards the success of my goals. Bringing better solutions to the Biomedical Industry.

What does The Vimana say about me? 

Annapurna is a highly enthusiastic, hardworking, self-driven member who is always keen to grab new opportunities at The Vimana!

Over the years I've worked on a lot of interesting projects and activities.

Here are just a few to name!


Being Green @Vimana

This was a meaningful and funfilled activity keeping the greenery all around us, creating homemade solutions and everyday utilities by ourselves, and presenting it!

Describing field of study

This activity enlightened me about so many things about my branch of course which I was almost unaware of, and probably the best fun-filled activity ever. It was so good to hear about the other branches of study in such a unique way in just a minute!

My most favorite aspect about being at The Vimana is 

The incredible team I work with, which feels like a family

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