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N Dheeraj Kumar

Here's what I'm all about!

I am an enthusiastic engineering student who craves for practical knowledge of the topics learnt in college.I am seeking to expand my knowledge and leverage my skills across multidisciplinary platform

I am 

Project Manager - AFS

and I've been here with The Vimana since

September 2018

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I work alongside

AFS alongside (teammembers)

And Specialize in 

Drone Automation


I'm currently studying



PES University


And passionately spending time on learning

Learning new things

A little bit more about who I am . . .

I've dedicated plenty of time working on

Hardware Debugging
Circuit Design
Web Development


But I also am very confident with my 

Team building


My Friends usually say I am very 







But I guess I'm also kinda


as well.


The Proudest I have ever been was when I 

Won an ideation competition at a tech-fest in IIT Madras involving the constant dedication of members working over-night and ideating on a solution for water management.

I'm a  

cooperative person

so I really admire


in those closest to me!

If I'm not working hard on my goals, you could find me 

Sketching, reading books, teaching students

Being at The Vimana, the most valuable lesson I've learnt so far is


Team building
Practical thinking
Being motivated
Have hunger for knowledge

A little about my goals in the future!

Before 2022 I want to 

Give my best contribution to the project I am working and improve my skills and knowledge.

A Year after graduation I want to

Pursue my higher studies in my field of interest

Five years down the lane I want to

Contribute my skills and knowledge for the benefit of society and help students get the best out of their learning career.

What does The Vimana say about me? 

Dheeraj is a very talented , Knowledged & Experienced member who has been working on a variety of projects since the beginning of The Vimana. However, he is always open to learning & constantly exploring new things !

Over the years I've worked on a lot of interesting projects and activities.

Here are just a few to name!


Arduino Masterclass

The first experience of conducting a workshop on Arduino. It was a 5-day workshop teaching diverse topics related to Arduino programming. The students performed various mini-projects along with a major project using the concepts learnt throughout the week.

Robotic Arm Workshop

A workshop that involved both mechanical as well as programming skill to be put into use. The participants were exposed to the world of a robotic arm and it's applications.

Vimana Orientation Week

A week-long orientation for new members inducted to the team. It involved various events to develop our personality and skills. It included storytelling, design thinking and book reading.

My most favorite aspect about being at The Vimana is 

the incredible team I work with

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