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multi-motor control

October 2018 -July 2019

Water is the most valuable natural resource without which it is impossible to live. It is our duty to use it wisely and conserve water. However, monitoring of water level in household is challenging in the current days but The Vimana has found a way for it!

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Water level management has become very crucial in the present day. 

We aimed at building our own controller for a similar purpose and manage the water level. Our project is based on a cost-effective method and an innovative approach for water level management with an Analog water level monitoring.  


  • Effective water level management

  • Analog water level monitoring

  • A cost-effective and innovative approach

  • Failsafe system


  • Analog water level monitoring using ultrasonic sensors as well as air pressure sensors

  • Rate measurement of water from underground

  • User-programmable

  • Cost-effective

Meet The Team

Electronics and Communications Engineer 

Project Members


Computer Science Engineer

Arjun Gopkumar

Electronics and Communications Engineer 

Project Ideator 

Director of The Vimana 

Kushal S L

Project Manager

Dheeraj Kumar

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