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What makes a good Engineering-Student culture?

“Scientists Dream about Great things, Engineers do them.”

Engineering is about fulfilling dreams, bringing ideas into reality. But today in India, it’s sad to know that Dreams of inspired and energetic students who want to pursue and experience engineering are shattered once they enter college.

Why is this happening? Students blame a lot of people or maybe the whole system. But one important cause of this is that there is no actual ”Engineering Culture “ built, that every student dreams of in their school life.

I have been learning a lot in my student life, and I can say these are a few things that actually would make the years of engineering, the most memorable in every individual’s life.

1. Multi-disciplinary - Project-based learning

As far as we love the domain of engineering that we chose, sometimes we happen to be really passionate about a particular subject from other engineering branches, and our project is incomplete without it, so multi-disciplinary learning is a “Must” for every engineering student, to widen their knowledge and experience the real learning

2. Participating in Competitions and Contests

Student life is incomplete without exposure to competitions and contests conducted all around. Networking with new people, getting to know about other college culture, working with teams for technical or cultural competitions is a culture that every engineering student must build around them.

3. Personality Development

As much as technical learning is important, engineering life must also help students to build a good personality for themselves. By this, I do not mean learning personality development theoretically by sitting in a class or just learning some skills for the sake of job interviews!

Reading some good books, blogs, articles, participating in valuable conferences, webinars, listening to inspirational content can help in building a good personality

Every student needs to individually bring build this culture around them, to see some great learnings happening and to make the most out of their Engineering Life

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