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Why is Arduino a great platform for student projects?

“I have a lot of project ideas, but how do I proceed? Which platform do I use? There are too many out there! “

I am sure you have the same doubts in your mind but you just can't wait to put your hands on work!

Don’t worry, the best answer to your question is “ARDUINO”.

Arduino is an open-source platform for various hardware and software applications. It is well-known for its development boards. The applications of these boards are endless. It is much more than just a programmable circuit board. It is an electronic platform that allows us to prototype intelligent objects.

So, out of all, why exactly ARDUINO?

1. Best and my favourite part- Open Source Platform!

The source code and electronic diagrams of Arduino software and hardware is open-source. This means that you can understand how an Arduino works, duplicate it, modify it, adapt it and then integrate it into any kind of a project without paying anyone to use the software. Isn’t that just cool?

2. The codes are well documented

The use of all the code which can be used with Arduino is generally detailed in online references. Information is available easily, anywhere and everywhere.

3. Oh yeah! It’s damn cheap!

The price of an official classic Arduino (called Arduino UNO) is just Rs. 400! That's way too inexpensive compared to many other controllers.

4. Used by a huge community of engineers

The immense number of people using this platform is an undeniable asset. Thanks to

the power of the Internet, it is possible to find documentation and tutorials of what others have used Arduino for, such as smart objects for your home, smart clothing, Art Installations, etc.

Now I think these were just enough to convince you to use Arduino! Then why wait?

Get a kick-start by knowing about different types of boards and the Arduino IDE-

Arduino UNO:

It is the first board that comes to my mind when someone speaks about Arduino. That is because it is the stepping stone in the journey of learning. I will leave the link to all its technical specifications here.

Arduino IDE:

Now that you have the board ready, you would need something to put your own program into it. Arduino IDE is the official application for that purpose. It is an open-source text editor for writing your code and uploading it to the board. You can understand all the features right here.

Check out different types of Arduino boards that are available to get started!

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