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Recruitment Application 

Welcome to the First Round of the Recruitment process!
Fill out this detailed application form so that we can understand more about you! 
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Application Form Filling

Fill out the form provided below.  You will be providing your basic details and also answering some problem solving and situation-based questions!

Once you submit the form, the selected members  will be facing a 20 to 30 minute video call Interview. 


Applicants who get through the interview round will move on to be a  part of The Vimana. The selected members will have an entire week of orientation with a lot of learning, training along with fun-filled activities too!


Interview Round


You are Here!
Round 1
You will need to fill out some personal details and answer some interesting problem solving & situation based questions!
This form will take about 40 minutes to complete.
Think well and answer this form, to move to the next round!
All the best!
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