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I am tired of not being able to engineer anything despite being an engineer!

 - more than 60% of engineering graduates across the nation.

How are we making an IMPACT?
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We create a common ground between industry requirements and academic education by providing practical ‘experience’ and ‘outcome’

oriented projects and often times connecting with facilitators from

relevant industries.

By giving students REAL projects. 

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By providing the RIGHT resources.

We give our members free access to physical & virtual resource pool

of The Vimana that include

project components,

tinkering kits, free online

courses, support materials and archives.

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By conducting 



We conduct a variety of events, seminars and workshops for our members and sometimes

even for general public, but

exclusively take our members

to technical events,

competitions & fun team outings. 

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By emphasizing on RELATABLE research.

We inculcate an R&D atmosphere where members are guided 

through activities to

encourage research

and innovation and also

help write research papers.

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By building 



By creating a contrasting atmosphere with members from diverse backgrounds and engaging them in vivid conversations, we help build confidence and the required skillsets to take their idea off of a paper and intro the real world. 

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By creating POSITIVE peer-pressure.

More importantly, we design work to offer

intrinsic motivation, create a positive and healthy peer pressure to weed out distractions and

help self-monitor their productivity

to walk the extra mile!

The Vimana is a multidisciplinary platform for bright minds across the city to expand skill-sets & knowledge and create innovative products & solutions for the society.

 All in all, The Vimana is working for 

Building True Engineers,

Instead of Degree Holders







Wanna see what all this action is about, and what makes us awesome?

Wanna rewrite your DNA, and become a true engineer?

Wanna see how you can play your part, from the smallest advice to the largest contribution?

"Diamonds are just colorless stones outright, 
They become precious, only after they're cut right, 
To shine bright even in the dimmest light, 
At The Vimana, we do just that, with all might!"

"It’s not every day that you are given an opportunity to choose between the stereotyped route of life and a new unexplored path. Although the risks and obstacles are higher in the latter, the zeal is higher too. 

Even if you fail, you've learned a valuable lesson and at least have a great story to tell!"

Kushal SL
Founder & Director

Komala Chenna


What do our members say?

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