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Interested in becoming a member of our tribe of
true engineers?

Join us today!

Our Recruitment channels are currently closed, it will be opened in the month of January. However, do apply here and we will definitely notify you once we reopen!

We have two channels through which you can join us.
Go through the description and pick the channel that best describes you!


Talent Acquisition

If you're a highly skilled individual, wanting to experience the Vimana culture and learning about a domain to work on, apply through here!


Yes! The Vimana always welcomes new ideas with great potential and feasibility for projects.

Is The Vimana affiliated to any College/University?

 No, The Vimana has its own independent governing body and is not influenced by any university or authority. This gives freedom of thought to every member of The Vimana Cohort to work on multiple projects of their choice and follow their dreams. The decision-making process is fast and is always student-friendly.

How long can you work at The Vimana, is it like an Internship?

You can stay with us for as long as you are constantly working to be a true engineer! For paperwork, there is a certain project period, after which you'll need to renew your membership. 

How much time do you need to spend working for The Vimana in a day?

On an average, we expect at least 2 quality hours of work in a day, but we know you are passionate and self-driven, the more effort you put in, the greater the rewards!

What kind of personality skills would I be able to develop?

Will you get to work on just one project or can you work on multiple ones?

You will be focussing on one main project. But there are many smaller projects that you can work on, also you can contribute your ideas and thoughts for other projects too! 

You have a new project idea, can you get the resources and a team to work on it?

Yes! The Vimana always welcomes new ideas with great potential and feasibility for projects.

After the hit of the pandemic, it is difficult to physically meet up with teams. How is The Vimana going to be working during this situation?

Remote working is not new to us! We have been practicing this from the very beginning of The Vimana. We have weekly virtual meetings and effective communication methods among our members to ensure a smooth run!

We believe that personality development is as important as developing technical knowledge. Our members are involved in activities such as technical presentations, conducting one in one interviews, group discussions, brainstorming sessions, and some fun team building games too!


Member referrals

Check out all our members and their profiles here to see if any are in your connections!  



Fill it out this form ONLY if you have referrals from them, otherwise Talent acquisition ( above form) will be the more suitable channel.

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