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Kiriti Kapavari

Here's what I'm all about!

I love Nature and I wish to explore the secrets of the Earth, be it in the fields of Physics, Chemistry or even Biology. I believe there is more to us in life than just eat sleep work repeat.

I am 

Software Team - SYSTR

and I've been here with The Vimana since

October 2020

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I work alongside

SYSTR Project

And Specialize in 

Minor App Dev


I'm currently studying

Electronics and Communication Engineering




And passionately spending time on learning

Anything and everything that excites me

A little bit more about who I am . . .

I've dedicated plenty of time working on

Introduction to Machine Learning


But I also am very confident with my 

Time management


My Friends usually say I am very 



a Deep Thinker




But I guess I'm also kinda

as well.


The Proudest I have ever been was when I 

Represented my School

I'm a  


so I really admire

Individuality and Originality

in those closest to me!

If I'm not working hard on my goals, you could find me 

Gaming or watching Youtube videos

Being at The Vimana, the most valuable lesson I've learnt so far is


Time management and Organisational skills

A little about my goals in the future!

Before 2022 I want to 

Publish my own Research papers, Develop tools or products to help society and better living conditions

A Year after graduation I want to

Pursue Higher Studies in the field of Research

Five years down the lane I want to

Start a company for the people

What does The Vimana say about me? 

Kiriti is a very Pro-Active and Self Managed member. He is hardworking & a disciplined person which makes him fit very well in a Team environment.

Over the years I've worked on a lot of interesting projects and activities.

Here are just a few to name!


My most favorite aspect about being at The Vimana is 

The amazing people I get to interact with

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