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K. Anusha

Here's what I'm all about!

I am Anusha, currently pursuing BE 3rd yr in biomedical branch at ACSCE. Findings of making advancements in modern medicine always fascinates me and always cleared to duty.

I am 

R and D member- SYSTR

and I've been here with The Vimana since

October 2020

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I work alongside


And Specialize in 

Research and development of SYSTR


I'm currently studying

Biomedical Engineering


ACS college of engineering


And passionately spending time on learning

Research on autism and my current project

A little bit more about who I am . . .

I've dedicated plenty of time working on

Project management
Data analysis
Time management


But I also am very confident with my 

Project scheduling
Strategic planning
Subject expertise


My Friends usually say I am very 







But I guess I'm also kinda

Over thinker

as well.


The Proudest I have ever been was when I 

Was awarded as the best student for my overall performance and scoring highest marks in my high school.

I'm a  


so I really admire

Visionary person

in those closest to me!

If I'm not working hard on my goals, you could find me 

Singing and playing basketball for junior nba

Being at The Vimana, the most valuable lesson I've learnt so far is


Able to work in groups and also to persevere and complete tasks on time.

A little about my goals in the future!

Before 2022 I want to 

Complete my graduation and be successful in all my projects.

A Year after graduation I want to

Work in a best company for experience and then pursue my masters.

Five years down the lane I want to

Earn master degree and gain specialised knowledge to advance in my chosen field.

What does The Vimana say about me? 

Anusha is self-driven and passionate member. In her work, she always tries add an essence of creativity and innovation.

Over the years I've worked on a lot of interesting projects and activities.

Here are just a few to name!


Internship at Apollo.

Examine biomedical equipment. Also spend time in learning to calibrate and maintain biomedical equipment.

My most favorite aspect about being at The Vimana is 

Encourage to dig deeper and learn many new things. It also makes us more learner driven than teacher driven.

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