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Be a Productivity Ninja!

With exams and internals right around the corner, it is natural to feel overwhelmed but fret not, because here are 8 *scientifically proven* ways you can beat the exam stress and make the best use of your remaining time!

[1] The Pomodoro Method: Take breaks. 25 minutes intense, 5 minutes off. This not only alleviates you from the dreaded hour-long study sessions but also helps to break down big tasks into smaller, manageable chunks.

[2] Active recall: Quiz yourself with flashcards or notes. The Quizlet app is perfect for an active recall activity.

[3] Memory Repetition: First repeat after 10 minutes, then 1 day, then 1 week, then a month. This helps you retain the information in the long-term memory and you won’t have the exam jitters anymore!

[4] Adjust what’s not working and Adapt: If you always just repeat and keep forgetting, try a new method. In most cases it’s not your fault that you’re not learning, it’s the method.


[5] Memorization techniques: Try to see the similarities between what you’re going to learn and the things you already know. One fun way to memorise things - You can also make a route where you walk in your house and make connections to the things you’re going to learn. When you’re writing a test, you can walk the route in your mind.

[6] Focus on what’s difficult: You don’t need to repeat the things you already know, because you already know them. Instead, focus on what you don’t know.

[7] Do practice problems: Try making your own exams to test if you actually know what you need to know.

[8] Study schedule: Having a schedule will help you allocate the enough time to study and you will automatically find more time to do other things.

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