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5 Millionaire habits that will Change your Life!

They say money can’t buy Happiness but it’s always nice to be a Millionaire, isn’t it? There are about 50 million Millionaires in the world and they have laid out a path for us.

Reading, Healthy Eating and Exercising are some of the cliché activities that we’ve all heard before, but these FIVE habits are a Game Changer!

1. Journaling

Journaling on a daily basis might seem too time-consuming but it’s important to gain clarity for your long-term goals. It helps one understand the direction they should be going in and also helps one from going offtrack or falling off the wagon. Journaling is also therapeutic for people struggling with depression and other mental health issues. Things are easier to deal with when they’re dumped on paper.

2. Producing instead of Consuming

Most people in their free time choose to consume content/media like Netflix, Movies, etc but successful people primarily focus on producing instead of consuming. Don’t get me wrong, Successful people do watch the Movies and Netflix, but they would rather spend their free time in building skills and increasing their value as a person. It could be any thing as simple as learning to play a guitar. It all comes down to how much a person wants to grow, learn and build skills.

3. Take a step back once in a while

Bill Gates has a concept called “THINK WEEK” where he takes off a week from his schedule and gets a cabin to reflect upon his goals and life.It is important to step away from the grind time-to-time and assess where you are in life and strategize your future goals and milestones. You can also take a break and practice mindfulness and mediation.

4. Block Scheduling

Filling out a calendar religiously not only prevents you from forgetting your important tasks but also helps you prioritize what needs to be done first.All successful people like Elon Musk, Bill gates block out their calendars by 5-minute increments! Now, your calendar does not have to be that crazy, but you should definitely fix your time for different tasks of the day like cooking dinner, running errands, working out, etc.

5. Networking

People say that you are an average of five people you closely associate with.There is no doubt that you are who you surround yourself with.Spend time and connect with people who are like-minded and driven with goals. It is important to network with people who are successful on a financial standpoint.

“Your Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Make these 5 habits as yours right now!


Meghna Namoluthula

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