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5 Minimalist Habits That Keep Your Life Simple

Minimalism has been gaining a lot of popularity lately, and that's a good thing. Everybody has a different meaning to minimalism. It is personal, and one's opinion on minimalism might not be minimalistic to you at all. So, What is Minimalism?

Minimalism, put merely, is freedom. It is freedom from overwhelm. It is freedom from worry, guilt, and anxiety. Minimalism emphasizes that LESS IS MORE! It is about getting rid of too many things, so we can make room for what's important.

Here's 5 Habits that can keep your life simple, mind clearer, and heart happier!

Habit#1: Decluttering is an ongoing process.

Minimalism is all about decluttering, and they're inseparable! It is imperative to cleanse our living space. It acts as a checker, every once in awhile, when we take a step back and ponder if we really do need to hold on to the various things that we own.

Habit#2: Put things back to its destined place after usage.

This is more of a system rather than a habit. If you don't learn to change your belief system about cleanliness, your room is always going to be messy. You clean it once, and it gets dirty again. Don't leave things to a point where it gets overwhelming. Mess attracts mess.

Habit#3: Digital declutter and Screen time monitoring.

The habit of digital declutter can help us stay laser-sharp focused. Checking your inbox, organizing desktop folders and deleting unwanted documents are some ways you can get started on digital decluttering. We're constantly exposed to unwanted information on the internet, and it tends to get too much. Monitor your screen time daily ,and one can also go on a detox every now and then.

Habit#4: Adopt mindful/intentional purchase.

Quality > Quantity. Let's not fall into the pit of buying things for a dopamine rush. What is the point of buying things that don't mean anything to you and then decluttering? Use a wish list strategy or if you find yourself craving too many things, give yourself a day off and see if you still feel the same. Ask yourself "Does this purchase help me in any way?

"Am in a position to make this purchase?"

"Is this what I want or what I NEED?"

Habit#5: Learn to say No.

Let's be honest, It's hard to say No. Nobody likes rejection and nobody likes delivering a rejection.

Minimalism is not solely about owning less, but it's also about protecting scarce resources like our time. It is about utilizing our time and energy on things that matter the most to us. Remember, we are not obligated to anyone. We don't HAVE to accept gifts or invitations to parties. If something does not align with your goals, learn to choose yourself. Be kind, but not at the cost of your own happiness and peace of mind.


Meghana Nalamothula

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