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The Social Dilemma

The growing chatter about the ill-effects of social media is packaged together, dramatised and heavily underlined in The Social Dilemma. Directed by Jeff Orlowski, the 93-minute film combines real-life interviews with a fictionalised story about the effects of social media on an American family. If you haven't already watched this film, I highly recommend you to do so.

It's not surprising to know that humans have become a pawn in the game between social media and advertisers. With every new update in our social media apps, we are forced to watch various ads and propagandas we don't need. We cannot blame this anarchy on technology as humans have unwittingly created this monster. It's anything but new when one says that our actions online are continuously being monitored, tracked and measured.

Here are five ways you can break the reigns of social media and take control of your life -

1. Turn off your notifications: Notifications are a constant reminder that something is happening in the online world, and you might feel like you're missing out. So to suppress your FOMO, turn off your notifications.

2. Limit your screen time: Set a timer or an alarm on your watch, and stick to it.

3. Make it a treat: Approach at social media as a reward. You might not buy Starbucks every day or get your nails done every week, but reward yourself with these kinds of small treats when you feel like you deserve one. So think of social media in the same way.

4. Go Cold Turkey: Going off social media can be challenging, but with enough determination, it's the best option to de-clutter your mind. Inform your friends online, decide how long it's going to be and delete your apps.

5. Find a new hobby: You may have a lot more free time on your hands now that you're trying to cut down on your social media usage, so why not pick up a new hobby to fill your spare time? You could learn a new skill or do something you've always wanted to do but never had the time. You'll surprise yourself at how much free time you have when you stop mindlessly scrolling through your newsfeed. Plus your new hobby will keep your mind and hands preoccupied when you're craving social media.

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