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"Till the full stop doesn't come, the sentence is not complete."- words from the “Best Finisher”

There are so many instances where former Indian international cricketer MS Dhoni can teach us to Never Ever Give up at any situation!

All the non-cricket fans out there, don’t worry, this article is not much about cricket, but this is about what you can learn from Dhoni and how you can inculcate the Never Give up attitude in you.

Believe in yourself

The whole world would say - “You can’t do it, it is impossible to achieve that! “. In this situation, there is only one person who you must trust and listen to, and that’s YOU! Believe in yourself because at the end you are the only one who you have got.

There were many matches where our whole country had lost hopes, all the key players got out, but MS Dhoni came into the field and completely turned the match upside down, only because he believed in himself. That’s why he is known as the Best Finisher!

Be Persistent

When a player is not performing well for about 6 to 7 matches in a row,everyone would definitely expect the captain to remove him from the team, but Dhoni still keeps him and gives him chances in almost every match! Yes,he gets questioned and criticised a lot for that!

But then, there comes one day, when that player saves the biggest and the most important match for the team! This is not any miracle or a lucky day for him, it is the persistence that Dhoni believes in.

No matter how many failures you are going through, Be persistent. You will achieve something Huge one day.

Fail, but come back with enormous power

MS Dhoni made his ODI debut in the tri-series in Bangladesh in 2004. He was run out for a duck on his debut. The whole series did not go well at all. It is a well known fact that Indian Cricket is filled with heavy competition, and you get very few matches to prove yourself. After this performance, Dhoni was pretty much likely to be removed. However, he was selected for the ODI series against Pakistan. In the 5th match of his career, MS Dhoni announced his arrival in international cricket with a thumping century at Visakhapatnam. He smashed 148 runs off just 133 balls and wrote the highest score by an Indian wicketkeeper to his name. Till now, that is considered to be one of the best records in his career.

Fail, but get up soon, build that motivation to work too hard and come back to achieve something huge. You will definitely do it. Because you know that

“Winners never quit, Quitters never win “


Deepika Varshini R

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