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Top 5 Most Popular Tech Skills of 2020

The World is facing a reskilling emergency! By 2022, 42% of the core skills necessary to perform a job are expected to change. As we approach the 4th revolution, 1 billion posts are set to undergo reskilling by 2030.

Besides high-tech skills, specialized interpersonal skills will be in great demand, including skills related to sales, human resources, care and education.

Meanwhile, economic and demographic shifts are putting additional pressure on the workforces of today.

The United Nations has called this decade as the “decade of delivery” for critical transitions to a more sustainable world. As we move into this decade, we must also focus on achieving equitable, inclusive progress to equip and enable the World’s people to thrive in the jobs of the future.

1. Python:

It’s a high level, easy-to-learn, and general-purpose programming language that enables users to develop a variety of applications, including 3D apps and desktop GUI.

Which Job roles are using it the most?

  • Software engineers

  • Researchers

  • Software developers

  • Web developers

  • Application developers

  • Data analysts

  • Data scientists (Indeed ranks Python as the third-most in-demand skill for data science positions.)

  • Programmers

  • Quality assurance testers

2. SQL:

The standard language for structured database management systems is Structured query language (SQL). It facilitates organizations to store, retrieve, define and manipulate data.

Which Job roles are using it the most?

  • Server developer (The top position requiring SQL)

  • Data analysts

  • Data modellers

  • Database developers

  • Database administrators

  • Data scientists

  • Business analysts

  • Software engineers

  • Quality assurance (QA) testers

  • QA analysts

  • Systems administrators

  • Systems engineers

  • Technical support (SQL is currently one of the most sought-after technical support skills.)

3. Machine Learning:

Machine learning has always been popular and is a form of AI and data analytics that teaches systems to learn from historical data and experience. It facilitates organizations to automate many business processes so that employees can spend more time focused on higher-level decisions. Which Job roles are using it the most?

  • IT engineers

  • Software developers

  • Finance

  • Human resources

  • Computer scientists

  • Deep learning experts

  • Data scientists

  • Computer vision experts

4. React:

React is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces (UI). It's declarative and component-based nature makes it perfect to create UI for a single page or web applications. It is scalable, simple and fast , and it enables organizations to make reusable UI components.

Which Job roles are using it the most?

  • Mobile developers

  • Redux developers

  • Full-stack engineers

  • JavaScript engineers

  • Front-end developers

  • Software developers

5. Amazon Web Services:

The Newbie in town, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an on-demand cloud computing platform that includes services such as database storage and customer engagement. For a new technology, AWS has, surprising grown by 418% since 2014.

Which Job roles are using it the most?

  • Software engineers (Amazon AWS certification is one of the most popular technical skills for software engineers in 2020.)

  • Operational support engineers

  • Cloud software engineers

  • Cloud system integrators

  • Cloud developers

  • DevOps engineers

  • AWS SysOps administrators

  • AWS cloud architects

  • AWS networking specialists


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