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autonomous farming system

India is a global agricultural powerhouse. One of the major issues faced by farmers is agricultural productivity. Spraying pesticide is one of the solutions that is being used to reduce pests and improve the health of crops. However, excess use of pesticide leads to various health issues and also affects the soil adversely. Hence, the ability of a multi-copter to lift heavy payloads makes it a viable solution for spraying pesticides. It also reduces the risk of excess dosage and improves the health of crops. In addition to that, precision agriculture helps to regulate the amount of deposition on the crops. This helps in reducing the time taken to spray pesticide drastically, thus improving efficiency. To improve the yield of the crops, the health of the crop is monitored by conducting aerial surveillance. This allows the drone to spray pesticides precisely at disease-affected regions.

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In our project, we attempt to bridge this gap by presenting an innovative approach to solve these issues. The approach involves two processes namely, Autonomous Aerial Survey of the farmland and Pesticide Spraying. Both of these collectively help in solving the problems effectively. Aerial Survey involves the survey of the crop field to monitor the health of crops and analyze the disease affected regions. Pesticide Selection involves the selection of pesticide and nozzle based on the identified disease and determining an optimal path to be followed to spray the pesticide at precise locations.


  • An aerial survey using autonomous drones

  • Disease detection and identification

  • Pesticide spraying at the disease affected regions 


  • Reduction in pesticide usage

  • Improvement in crop yield

  • An automated process requiring less human intervention

  • Better crop health monitoring

Meet The Team

Project Members

Pranav Kulakrni

Yeshas Bhardwaj

Electrical & Electronics 


Deputy Project Manager

Aerospace Engineer

Shreyashri Athani

Electronics & Communication Engineer

Harshith N

Samhith S M

Electrical and Electronics 


Mechanical Engineer

Aswathi R

Electronics & Communication Engineer

Sanjana Kopella

Electrical and Electronics 


Ruthu Shankar

Electronics & Communication Engineer

Kushal S L

Project Ideator 

Director of The Vimana 

Dheeraj kumar

Project Manager 

Electronics and Communications Engineer 

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