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payload stabilisation & control system

High Altitude Balloon payloads experience severe disturbances as it continously rises in the atmosphere. We are aiming to eliminate it as much as possible! The main purpose of this project is to provide a highly stable and reliable payload capsule that can host different types of payloads to conduct a variety of experiments that involves a stabilized platform at high altitude environmental conditions

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Our program is aimed to launch a series of free-float High Altitude Balloons to altitudes of up to 15 to 20 km with stabilized payload along with a reliable communication and navigation system. The balloons are launched with an intention to provide a platform for a variety of payloads, to conduct experiments in near-space regions. This project is intended to participate in the Global Space Challenge 2020


  • Build a payload with a very good communication system and tracking system

  • The best platform for students or researchers to test their scientific payload

  • An optimized payload airframe which is stabilized with respect to wind currents and also has minimum weight and drag.


  • A stabilized payload with respect to pendulum motion and yaw axis rotation.

  • Can reach very critical environmental conditions without much cost involved in compared to lab facilities available

  • An amazing opportunity for high school and university students, professors, researchers, and industries to conduct their experiments.

Meet The Team

Project Members

Rahul G

Sachin S

Manoj M 

Electronics and Communications


Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Sreeganesh lalitaditya

Electronics and Communications


Kushal S L

Project Ideator 

  Director of The Vimana 

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