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drone from scratch

July 2018 - December  2018 

Our education system just teaches us to duplicate the idea of building things without novelty as it is already present. But when the things that have been learned in college are applied in practice we would have a better understanding of the surrounding environment. Hence we took it as our first project and built a drone completely from scratch. 


 We have spent months on research and development for coding and wiring of the drone. We programmed the entire Flight controller board by ourselves, learning to load and store sensor values into registers, while at the same time, creating PWM signals for motor inputs. In addition to that, we have been exposed to the difficulties in soldering and wiring the circuit into the Power Distribution Board Moreover, we have worked on the 3D models for drone airframe on CATIA


  • Developing a fully custom functional drone

  • Coding from scratch without using any external libraries

  • Efficient feedback mechanism both in software as well as hardware

  • Building supplementary projects to enable experimenting with different factors

  • Providing solutions to real-life problems

  • Economically feasible


Building from scratch has helped us to learn about the internal parts and structure of a drone. The coding from scratch has helped to actually understand the concept and application of whatever we learned in class. This project gave us a grip on the concepts to build multiple other drones in our team. 

Meet The Team

Project Members

Deepika Varshini R

Aerospace Engineer

Dheeraj Kumar

Electronics and Communications Engineer 

Sachin S

Electronics and Communications Engineer 

Adithya Vardhan

Computer Science Engineer 

Shivangi Gupta

Computer Science Engineer 


Mechanical Engineer 

Kushal S L

Project Ideator 

Director of The Vimana 

Komala Chenna 

Project Manager

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