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10 Questions to ask yourself when you come up with a new project idea!

You have probably come up with an entirely new idea in mind after looking around at a common problem around you. This could be for a new project or even a new start-up idea! Now you have called up your friends, pitched it to them, may be even your professor and are ready to get started with the project along with your team! But wait.

Have you evaluated your idea well?

There are many perspectives that you need to look at it from and make sure the idea actually has value and scope in today’s world. What you need to do is test the concept to see how it stands up to a series of rigorous questions.

To Get started, here are 10 questions that you need to answer before you proceed with your idea!

  1. How is this solving any particular problem?

  2. Is the technical solution feasible? For example, do you have the necessary skills and technologies?

  3. What are your exact goals?

  4. What are the risks involved in this idea

  5. Will your idea become obsolete because of evolving technologies? When may this occur?

  6. Which are the existing companies that are executing something similar to your idea? How can you be different from them?

  7. What are the challenges you might possibly face?

  8. How much potential & scope does this idea have?

  9. Who exactly is going to be using this solution? A person? A company? The government ? What are the benefits for them?

  10. What are the opinions or suggestions given by others who have heard this idea from you?

Think about these questions repeatedly in your mind. Take your time, answer all of them one by one. If you are not very satisfied with the answers, go back to your idea and make the necessary changes that could and optimize it so that you get satisfied with every single answer!

Once you have tried answering them, you have got more clarity in this project and are good to proceed with it along with your team in the best possible way!


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