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Get ready for your NEXT interview!

After attending an interview, have you ever sat down and self evaluated yourself?

Sitting in back to back interviews and not being able to get through even one of them can be really frustrating and scary, but if you carefully analyse and learn important things from your previous failed interview, you can definitely work around quickly to make sure you get through your Next interview!

Here are 5 things you must do immediately once you complete an interview- regardless of getting through or not!

1. Feedback is a Gift

Once you have finished your interview, you can always contact the interviewer and request for a feedback. Always do the follow up after a day or so ( You do not wanna appear as a very inexperienced person!) You can send a nice and neat email asking for a few things that they observed about you during the interview or the reason for un-selection, and what you can improve upon. This is the best thing you can get from a failed interview.

2. Damn! I wanted to say so many things and I totally went blank at that time!

Trust me, this happens with a lot of us and none of us like this feeling of regression. Now recall, were you able to say all the things you wanted to convey to the interviewer?

However, too many things are not good to say during interviews . When it comes to your experience, your previous projects, internships, or your extra-curricular activities, always keep a list of the exactly the things you need to say specifically during interviews. Well, you need to literally memorise them and practise so that you can be very confident while you speak about them to anyone!

3. I am a.. BLA BLA BLA..… Wait, what was the Question again?

This would have annoyed the interviewer! Recall from your previous interview and analyse the questions asked. Now recall the answers that you had given. Are they matching well? Try to answer the same questions now (while you are alone) and see how different they are. If there are too many differences, then you definitely gotta focus on Listening skills more than Answering Skills!

4. The Freaking Follow-ups!

How many follow up questions were you able to answer? At which stage did you get stuck and couldn’t give a good answer? Think about them. Always have a prepared list of possible follow-up questions based on the content you are gonna speak and try to answer them before you even sit for your next interview.

5. The Rule of Three

Once you have completed the interview, take a pen and paper and list down exactly Three things you were good at, and Three things that you need to improve upon. It can be the way of your communication, body language, confidence level, answering skills, listening skills, technical knowledge, specific technical concepts , etc

Demonstrate your strengths but work hard to improve on your weaknesses.

Applying this rule will have a great impact in your NEXT interview!


Deepika Varshini R


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