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Who is a Studentpreneur?

You would have heard the word “entrepreneur” like a million times, but ever heard of the word “Studentprenuer”?

Okay, now you would have guessed it to be a student who wishes to be an entrepreneur or getting prepared to be an entrepreneur in the future. Actually, that’s not it at all!

Well.. a part of it may be true, but to put it as a definition

Studentprenuer is the one who not just attends entrepreneurial classes in college but is involved in conducting business or entrepreneurial activities while attending formal classes in a university in parallel.

Studentprenuers are involved in two full-time jobs -Leading a student life and working on business activities after college hours.

It seems like a lot and too early to pursue your entrepreneurial career. But if you really want to start your own company, this is the best time to start it off as it is easier when you are a student rather when you are a full-time employee.

Now that you are clear, do you want to be a studentpreneur too?

Here are Four traits you must possess that have been observed and recommended by many other studentpreneurs around the world!

1. Time management

Attending classes in the morning hours and working on the entrepreneurial activities after classes might seem very difficult. It is very crucial to manage time efficiently. You might have to compromise little on Netflix, Instagram, or partying with friends! Might have to work late at night too.

But you know it’s all worth it!

2. Prioritization

So you want to be a 9-GPA student in your class and run a company? Nope. That is not going to happen at all. You must decide what GPA or grade you want to maintain in academics and spend the necessary time for it. Plan it out beforehand and prioritize things accordingly.

3. “Never Give up” attitude

There is no problem if an idea fails or if all your efforts have no tangible outcome. We are never perfect and we get the best result only after multiple failures. So a studentprenuer needs to have a Never Give up attitude always.

There is no Failure, You either succeed or learn

4. Look for perfection

Always look for perfection even in a simple task you do.

All the leading startups today are only in that position because they deliver extremely good quality products or services to their customers

As quoted by Steve Jobs

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected.”

That’s not all, but these are some of the traits that you must have from the beginning stages in your studentpreneurial life, to manage both of your roles in the best way that you could!

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