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tethered balloon 

August 2018 -January 2019

The high altitude balloon team was formed in the month of April 2019 at The Vimana, with a vision of launching a series of free float balloons carrying distinguished payloads.

We took the first step to gain experience and to demonstrate the team’s capabilities by launching a Tethered balloon

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The primary payload included some of the fundamental sensors to measure Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, light intensity,  and it reached an altitude of about 100 m from the ground 

A basic GPS module was used to build a reliable tracking system for low altitudes.

The secondary payload comprised of 2 colored smoke bombs - Saffron and Green, the colors on the Indian National Flag.


This project aimed at measuring the the variation of temperature, pressure and humidity upto 100 m altitudes

Also this project was intended to gain the first experience of a balloon launch! 


The retrieval of the payload is easier compared to a free float balloon 

and there is not much damage is caused to the payload components

Meet The Team

Project Members

Shreyas Rao 

Sachin s

Sai Amogh

Electronics and Communications


Electronics and Communications


Electrical and Electronics


Chathura G

Aerospace Engineer

Dhanush S

Electronics and Communications


Kushal S L

Project Ideator 

Director of The Vimana

Komala Chenna 

Project Manager 

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