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water rocketry project

October 2019 -November 2019

Our water rocket with a dynamic launcher competed in the National Student Space Challenge 2019 competition at IIT Kharagpur. We were selected as one of the finalists at the Lift OFF competition.

IMG_20191020_201014 (1).jpg

The rocket is essentially a 1.5-liter plastic bottle that has been modified into a rocket by adding a weighted nose and four fins for stabilization during flight.


Our launcher is a wooden, dynamically adjustable platform where the rocket can rest and be placed at an angle. The bottle is pressurized using a bicycle pump and the air is channeled using a series of pipes.

Our rocket had achieved a range of 100 meters and became one of the highest records and made way for us to the finals at NSSC 2019!


  • Design and Build a water rocket and a flexible launcher which can be launched at any angle with respect to the horizontal.

  • Reach the distance of greater than 100m with a restricted pressure of 70psi.


Rocket can be launched at any angle with respect to the horizontal

Also, this project provided grip in the concepts Center of Mass, Projectile Motion, and draw relationships for an efficient flight of the rocket.

Meet The Team

Kushal S L

Director of The Vimana


Mechanical Engineer

Yeshas Bhardwaj

Aerospace Engineer

Nagavishnu B K

Electronics and Communications Engineer 

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